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KUDOS to Homebased Services and Resources!


Homebased Services and Resources (HSR) reorganized into the current corporate structure in November of last year. In the ensuing nine months we have made significant progress in the development of our program. Our energetic and enthusiastic staff have made the difference. Working as a team has been a value from the beginning, which has made the transition much more efficient. We began with a planning meeting where every employee had input into all areas of our operation. The points made in this session then became our annual plan. We meet monthly in person with a detailed agenda designed to make sure everyone is aware of what is happening agency wide, and, we also have two conference calls per month where we keep information flowing as well. Staff participation is expected and appreciated.
We have developed 8 new homes during this period, and, we are hard at work with an additional 3 families as of today. In addition, we have worked with another agency whose homes in our service area had become a hardship for them to staff, to allow those families to join our team. It was a win-win for everyone since these homes will now be able to be utilized to a much greater degree.
In the development of this new structure, we had to start anew with obtaining national accreditation. While we had some elements in place from our former situation, it took many, many long hours and late evenings to develop what was needed to meet the required standards. This included all of the policies and procedures that were needed, followed by making sure that our new files, forms, and physical plant elements were in place. I am happy to report that our survey results were 100% compliance! Our surveyor had been doing CARF surveys for 9 years, usually doing 24 per year. He told us that in all of that time, we were his first agency to ever receive a perfect score!!
Now that we are up and running, we are still conscientious about doing well in our reviews. In our last Licensing visit, we again made a perfect score of no findings! Again, our surveyor told us that she had never given a perfect score of no findings in her career with Licensing.
Sound like I am bragging? I am. Our team does the work, not me, so I am happy to brag on them at every opportunity. You will probably hear more at a future date, so get ready.
The team approach is working well for us. We have every plan to continue in this direction. If you want to hear more about our team (or maybe join us!) feel free to call or email.
Our website is Homebasedservices.org
Our coverage area is the eastern portion of the state. Our offices are located as follows:
905 NW 4th, Stigler, Ok. 74462
319 W. 1St Street, Claremore, Ok 74017
1335 E. Carl Albert Parkway, McAlester, Ok 74501



  • April, 2014: of the 11,000+ children in foster care in Oklahoma, 595 are TFC placements. 

  • Thirteen (13) child placing agencies and members of OTFCA serve these children across Oklahoma.

  • All TFC children have a mental health diagnosis.          

  • The largest census of TFC children are teenagers. 

  •  Average length of stay in TFC is approximately 14 months. 

  •  TFC care is less expensive than other therapeutically oriented forms of congregate care. 


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